Grady’s Second Chance Experience!

Since September 2018, Second Chance Story has been working with the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy to schedule a private tour aboard the USS New York for Grady Karlson and his son Sebastián.

Earlier this month, Grady and his son were finally able to share this incredible moment together. Meeting sailors, learning about the 7.5 tons of metal recovered from 9/11 that was used to build the ship, and seeing how the crew operates, Grady had a very special day!

All throughout the Experience, Grady continued saying positive things like “today has been incredible!” and “this experience has been a ten out of ten!”

Second Chance Story helps individuals living in Northeast Florida with a brain injury share their story. We create a short video giving them, their family, friends, and caretakers the opportunity to describe what it has been like being a part of their second chance at life.

As a part of the filming process, we also give each individual we work with a Second Chance Experience. This Experience is a fun and memorable day for the individual and their family.

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