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List most people, you probably use your smartphone on a daily basis for everything from social media, to banking, and the weather. So much of our life is on these devices and it sometimes can get overwhelming.

Notifications constantly ping us for our attention. Text messages, emails, phone calls ring our phones all throughout the day. Our phones are sometimes filled with hundreds of apps. Ones that we have never even used or don’t remember downloading.

All of this can sometimes make it hard for smartphones to help us stay organized and reminded of the things we do day to day. In fact, it’s sometimes counterproductive.

But, I have discovered many apps that help me stay focused, stay organized, and have an ongoing list of goals that I want to accomplish. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the iOS app: Clear Todos.

Over 2 million people declutter their lives with this app. It is an effective way to manage all of the busyness of your life and categorize it all into effective lists. With a brain injury, it can sometimes be difficult to remember all of the things we must do each day. There are times when we know what needs to be done next, but we don’t quite know the “big picture”. We may not understand all of the steps involved to accomplish a goal or complete a task.

This is where Clear Todos has helped me.

This app is very simple. The simplicity is, in my opinion, what makes it so great. Let’s take a look at an example of Clear Todos to see how someone has organized and planned out their future:

When you first open the app, you are shown an inspirational quote:

Then by tapping and sliding your fingers across the screen, you can create your first lists! Here are some lists this person has created:

The Daily list is at the top for a reason. Throughout the day, if there is something that comes up that they need to be reminded to do, they add it to the Daily list. The items added to this list should be ones that need to be completed by the end of current day.

Next is the Priority List. This list is filled with things that need to be tended to first. Items on this list may not need to be completed by the end of the current day, but they may need to be completed by the end of the week or month. Clear Todos has an effective way to designate when certain tasks need to be completed. This is done by assigning a reminder date and time for each task.

As you can see, this person needs to contact their brother about theme park tickets by June 21, they need to submit a weekly homework assignment by June 23, and they have until the end of July to get a spreadsheet submitted at their job. The Priority List is composed of the most important items from the “Home”, “College” and “Work” lists.

And lastly, there is the “2019 Goals” list. You have two choices here. You can make it a yearly goals list (i.e: 2019 Goals, 2020 Goals, 2021 Goals), or you can simply title this list “Goals” and list all of the big goals you have in your life. List all of the things you hope to accomplish with your second chance. This list is very important because it helps ensure that all of the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks we complete align with our “big picture” goals.

You can see that this person has a few personal and professional goals. They would like to learn a new language, start a nonprofit to help their community, take their family on an international trip, and improve their fitness.

This list is so important because it gives you the opportunity to look back your other lists: Daily, priority, home, college, work and to ensure that the items your adding to those lists are working towards helping you reach one of your Goals! If this person wants to learn Spanish, are they adding Spanish courses to their College list? If they want to take their family on an international vacation, have they added “research flight options” or “find hotels in centralized areas” to their Priority list. And lastly, if they are trying to improve their fitness, have they added “go on a walk” or “visit the gym” to their Daily list? Asking these questions and developing an action plan using the Clear Todos app will help you accomplish anything with your second chance at life.

– Ryan Troutman

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