Second Chance Stories

Michael Sellars’ Second Chance Story

Second Chance Story covers the incredible journey of Michael Sellars, a young man who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident. This story is told by Michael and his father, Joe Sellars recalling the the morning of the car accident, the time in the hospital and endless hours of rehabilitation at Brooks Rehabilitation. Joe Sellars recalls he knew, “this was going to be a long process.” Fortunately for Michael, through the help of incredible hospital and rehabilitation staff and his family’s support, he learned to walk and talk again. Michael’s appreciation for his second chance is apparent, as he says, “celebrate every minute, every minor minute. It is like New Year’s Eve.”

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Grady Karlson’s Second Chance Story

Grady Karlson’s story is shared in this documentary. Learn about the challenges has had to overcome and the family support that has helped along the way. To create a memorable experience for Grady and his son, Second Chance Story partnered with the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy to give both of them a private tour aboard the USS New York!

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